The Cornelsen-Group is an authorized dealer for the following internationally recognized and proven technologies used in the  remediation of contaminated sites:

  • Groundwater and sampling pumps of DurhamGeo Slope Indicator, USA
  • Product recovery and Skimmer systems of DurhamGeo Slope Indicator, USA
    Active Skimming
  • Product recovery systems of XITECH Instruments Inc., USA
  • ISOC ® (in situ) of inTechnologies Inc., Canada
  • Compact-Stripper (Shallow Tray) of BISCO Environmental /NEEP Systems, USA

Furterhmore, Cornelsen offers a variety of our own products which are suitable for use in water management, facility and equipment construction as well as in other application fields of water treatment. These are, among others:

  • CUT Breeze:  A dosable liquid product (it is not a biocide) for the prevention and elimination of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and mercaptans in water-pipe systems
  • CIHA sorb: Solid filter granules to remove arsenic from the aqueous phase
  • Pressure vessels of various sizes from own production (please ask us and give us your basic technical specification which should be considered in the manufacturing of the equipment

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